Love Your Life, Stay Motivated, Happy, and Successful

Time To Discover The Best In You 

Are you willing to make changes to your life and become the best you ever was? Then NOW is the time. Let me show you exactly how.

Here’s a quick guide to improving your daily life!

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 The Reliable Life Coach To Help You Prosper 

Stay Motivated

Figure out what motivates you to reach your dreams.

Take Meaningful Decisions

Figure out your values and align your life them.

Learn Your Strengths

Find out your biggest strengths and start becoming the best.

Live Happy & Successful

Love everyday of your life with success as you always wanted.

Now is the Time

For New Beginning


Jacqueline Wills

Hi, I am Jacqueline, a motivated life coach, mother of two, and so in love with life.
You can count on me to help you find the missing legos in your life that can help you reach the peak of your potential. I’ve helped over 5000 individuals to reach their goals successfully and become the best at what they do. You too can love your life and reach your dreams.

8+ years of experience as a life coach

Helped 5000+ individuals with their life

1500+ self development articles


How it works!

It’s really easy to work with me and get immediate results.

Share Your Life Goals

Share all your life goals or things that trouble you directly to me – no holding back.

Answer My “Magic Questions”

I’ll prepare a few psychological questions that you have to answer with 100% honesty.

Let Me Guide You To Success

Leave the rest to me. I will make sure you know exactly what to do next.

It’s Never Too Late To Change Your World 

Become the person you always thrived to be and unlock your full potential with the right guide. Help is only a click away.


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Create stylish call-to-action buttons with Qubely Buttons. Play around with typography, design, border and more. Add animations and personalize it to engage visitors instantly.

Accordion Item

Create stylish call-to-action buttons with Qubely Buttons. Play around with typography, design, border and more. Add animations and personalize it to engage visitors instantly.

Re-invent Yourself.
Reach your goals and become successful.
You Deserve It!

Marilyn Viloria

Marilyn Viloria

Typically replies within an hour

I will be back soon

Marilyn Viloria
Hi! I'm Marilyn from Client Services.  How can I help you today?
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Prince Abubakar Wokili
Prince Abubakar Wokili

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Jaleel Manns has been an inspiration to me as I entered the digital marketing industry. He shared many insights about lead generation, sales and marketing. I highly recommend him if you need mentor upon exit from college and into the business world. I am forever grateful! Thanks again Mr. Manns.

I was in need of some tech help and he reached out to me and we schedule a meeting . Jaleel was very understanding and listened to what I needed. He assisted me and helped me get things up and goin. His team has been a great value and blessing to me. He still approachable for small questions which is one thing I love great customer service. I’m going to utilize home when I’m ready to tango to the next later in my business

I highly recommend High Velocity Global for people seeking quality services in today's competitive market. This business has assisted me in saving time for my project, events and exhibitions that I am planning. Thank you High Velocity Global!

Jaleel is an awesome guy to work with. He can take your vision and turn it into something outstanding. I am glad to know him as a business partner and friend .

Great reliability and interpersonal communication. One of the best people I've has the opportunity to work with. Jaleel is a great forward thinking individual and always ready to conquer any task you give him.

Great guy. Been working with Jaleel for more than 15 yrs now. His videos are also great learning tools for marketing. Highly recommended

Working with Jaleel Manns has been an amazing experience! I have learned so much about digital marketing from working with him in the Real Estate industry. He's a consumate professional, who is able to fit seamlessly into a marketing team and respect the knowledge and experience of all the other team members. I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about growing their business using digital marketing.

I have worked with Jaleel Manns for the past year. The amount that he has put into the shaping and understanding of my business is remarkable. When we started I understood the idea of digital marketing, sales, and conversions but I couldn't apply it to myself. I came to him with 0 products and NO CLUE who I was going to offer my services to. Jaleel helped me figure out who I am talking to first. Then helped me think of things from their perspective so I can figure out what they needed. As someone who teaches similar tools to my attendees, I was bashful to admit that I was in the same boat. Jaleel helped me understand that charging your worth often means pivoting to a client that can afford you. Then, I could be set up to reach back and help those behind me. Now I am set to make a full launch in 2020 on schedule!

Emerald Hempress
doesn't recommend

We paid Jaleel Mann for a services that was NOT completed and have NOT received our money back after his 30 day waiting period over 4 months ago. He was unable to complete the job in the requested amount of time agreed upon and disappeared with our $$$$. I do NOT recommend this service. Compensation means equal parts for that which is given. It means a balance of that quality or service that is extended to another. Jaleel Mann you did not provide the service stated.

How can I say this.... Get on the phone or email ASAP and let Mr. Jaleel Manns and his team, get you to the place so your marketing dreams can come true. Your business can not live another day in it's current status.