Lead Nurturing Services

Lead Nurturing and Automation
This service is for nurturing leads through your funnel by providing relevant content and offers along the buyer’s journey.

Email Marketing
This service is for engaging existing contacts through email.

Offer Creation
This service is for creating offers that will generate quality leads for your clients. You can create content offers for each stage of the buyer’s journey to help them progress to becoming a customer.

Personalized Content
This service is for creating a personalized website experience for users who engage with your website and content. Optimize sites to display only relevant information and offers to repeat visitors and customers.

Lead Scoring
This service is the construction of a lead scoring system to help your client qualify and assess leads. This is most useful for clients with good lead flow. For smaller clients, coach them on identifying and applying prospect fit criteria through the sales team.

CRM Integration / Closed Loop Reporting
This service is for aligning the HubSpot CRM (or integration) to set up and monitor closed-loop reporting – ie: how inbound activities are resulting in new customers and how it can be continuously improved.