CRM Implementation Services

Custom Fields and View Creation
This service is where you would set up custom fields and views tailored to your client. In HubSpot, properties store information about a contact, company, deal, or ticket. However, you may need additional properties to gather the information your clients’ business needs.

Deal Stage Setup
This service is where you would set up deal stages for your client so they have the proper process in place to move prospects further along the buyer journey to becoming a customer.

Data Import and Cleansing
This service is where you would import your client’s data to the HubSpot CRM. You’ll export all current records from their current system and import into HubSpot with just a few clicks.

Integrations Setup
This service is for agencies that want to use integrations or develop them. If you’re not comfortable developing integrations for your client, HubSpot offers a directory with certified agencies who can help you.

CRM Ongoing Optimization
This service is where you will continually be optimizing your clients CRM to ensure that records are accurate and updated.